[Mailman-Users] Frequent use of clone_member

Ivan Fetch ifetch at du.edu
Fri Oct 22 05:08:23 CEST 2010


We are changing student email from mailboxes, to forwarding addresses. Among other challenges, we are exploring various ways to deal with students who are subscribed to closed (only subscribers may post) mailing lists.

(There are a lot of similar challenges when switching to an email forwarding model - any list members who have gone through this, I would love to pick your brain!)

One possibility we're exploring, is to change a student's mailing list subscriptions, when they change their forwarding address. We would iterate through these address changes and run clone_member, like:

Clone_member --remove --admin  old at our.domain new at outside.domain

We could end up processing as many as 500 address changes nightly (running clone_member for each one), with each run of clone_member iterating through all mailing lists. I'm concerned that this is much more than clone_member was intended for.

Can Mailman developers or heavy uses of Mailman comment on this?

Thanks very much,


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