[Mailman-Users] Cannot set digest mode via URL

W. Curtis Preston curtis at backupcentral.com
Fri Sep 3 05:54:20 CEST 2010


I really appreciate your assistance on this.

I did look at the source for the members page, which is how I constructed
the GET query in the first place.

The only thing that changed on this page changed between Mailman 2.1.9
> and 2.1.10 and that was the encoding of '@' as '%40' in the email
> addresses, and also encoding of a few other characters, double-quote
> in particular.

I understand that.

> Ther chould be no differences between cPanel's page and the
> corresponding upstream Mailman page.

I agree.  I don't think so either.

> I note in your original post, you said:
> >First you have to subscribe them, then you would issue the following URL:
> >
> >http://<domain>/mailman/admin/<listname>/members?user=<email-address>&
> ><email-address>
> >_digest=1&setmemberopts_btn=Submit%20Your%20Changes&allmodbit_val=0&
> ><email-address>_language=en&<email-address>_nodupes=1&adminpw=
> ><adminpassword>
> >
> >This has also worked for a few years, but I just found out that it isn't
> >working.  I can set someone to digest mode by manually accessing that same
> >page, but the URL no longer does the job.  When I issue the URL manually
> in
> >my browser, instead of setting the user to digest mode and returning me to
> >the screen with the user on it, it returns me to the /members page,
> >displaying a list of users.
> Which is exactly what I would expect. That URL is equivalent to
> checking the user's 'digest box on the membership list and clicking
> Submit Your Changes. It will normally return to the same page.

I believe what I should be seeing is what happens when you enter a user's
email address in the search box and THEN click the digest button.  I should
see the list of just the user I'm setting, and the check box for digest
should be checked.  But that's not what's happening.  I get returned to the
default members list (not just the list of the member I'm working on) and
then if I check the user I was trying to set, the digest box is not
checked.  I'm not complaining so much about what screen I get taken to, but
that it's not setting the digest mode for the user, even though I'm using
the new encoded email addresses in my GET query.

I have not looked to see if this is an issue, but there is one
> potential glitch. If the number of list members exceeds
> admin_member_chunksize, there will be an additional query fragment in
> the URL like
>  http://<domain>/mailman/admin/<listname>/members?letter="u"
> for an email address beginning with "u". In fact it can be even more
> complex if the number of users beginning with a single letter exceeds
> admin_member_chunksize.

Again I'm not having a problem interpreting what is being displayed on the
screen.  I'm having a problem that I can't set the digest mode via this URL
that appears to be valid:


This URL used to work and now it doesn't, even if I use the new style of
email addresses.  I've also tried to do things like
emailaddress_digest=on/off instead of 1/0, but that doesn't seem to help
either.  I just can't seem to figure out the magic incantation. ;)

TIA for any help.

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