[Mailman-Users] Setting mailman to "archive browse mode" only

Steven Jones Steven.Jones at vuw.ac.nz
Wed Sep 8 00:15:56 CEST 2010



"They" dont want to create new mailman lists "anymore" as they have to be created by a Linux systems administrator (ie be root to edit /etc/aliases)...so 15mins a week is too much work...so they want to do it with "user admins" that are incapable of anything but AD/gui type work...and I wouldn't give them the root password....


Both of those assume that you(r managers) don't want to send the
Exchange list mails to the archive, too. (perhaps, say, for
continuity reasons).


...I assume not as Mailman has to go as they dont want to keep creating new lists.  Users might want it, in fact I bet they will...that would be funny.

6 years ago they complained about the cost, the un-reliability and in-flexibility of Communigate and linux admins had to edit files by hand to change things for them...so I installed Mailman. Mailman has served them almost faultlessly for free in that 6 years (apart from probably my f*ups) so the TCO has been incredibly low....

I will say that I have also has superb support from this list and Mark in particular over that time period, I will thank you all for that.......that has been priceless and shows up many commercial vendors...


I've not played with Exchange 2010 lists. Are they any good? RFC
compliant? Handling bounces?


Oh that's a nightmare I wont go into....someone wants it changed so it will I suspect get changed....even if it doesn't work very well and costs more time, but hey I don't do MS stuff and especially not Exchange so it wont be my little nightmare....I have advised them time and time again what they have is probably the best they can get especially considering its cost.


regards and again, thanks

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