[Mailman-Users] Mailman list sends but doesn't receive mail.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Apr 18 19:54:55 CEST 2011

JRC Groups wrote:
>Since there is a process in Apple's Server Admin application that keeps
>changing Mailman's mm_cfg.py file I think it is safe to assume it expects to
>find this file there to keep it updated and its removal may likely cause a
>Would it be possible to have a copy of this file moved to a different
>location and have Mailman look at the different location for this file while
>leaving the old one behind as a "dummy" file so that Apple's System Admin
>application finds the file it expects to find ? The changes would not impact
>Mailman as the mm_cfg.py it is using for its configuration is the one in the
>new location.
>Do you think this would work ?

You would have to move the entire Mailman $prefix directory and then
you would have to edit the prefix in all files that reference it
including Defaults.py and all the paths.py files in Mailman's bin/,
cron/ and tests/ directories and the MTA aliases and apache config,
and you would have to set the new location in whatever Apple launchd
processes that start Mailman and run Mailman's 'cron' jobs, and that
would probably tell the Apple processes where the new mm_cfg.py was

It would be much easier to simply install Mailman from source in some
other location, move your lists and archives, update your MTA and
apache configs and tell Apple to quit running Mailman.

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