[Mailman-Users] messages not going out now (though they did when I tested the list)

Kathy Bilton kathy at fred.net
Sat Apr 23 06:08:06 CEST 2011

Hi -

I just set up a mailing list via the host of my website.  They are using 
Mailman 2.1.14.

I tested it out right after I first set it up.  The initial three 
addresses which I placed on the list and to which I sent some test mails 
all received them without problem.

So then I added a whole bunch of addresses - about 250 - which I took from 
a list to which I had been sending mails via BCC.   (In searching archives 
of the mailman-users list, I found reference to 100 addresses as a maximum 
- at least for some systems/lists, but when I did the mass subscribe, I 
got no message indicating I was subscribing more than allowed.)

I sent the first mail this morning. I got a bounce request for moderation 
(even though I was pretty sure I had set my own address not to require 
moderation).  I approved it, but the message never arrived.

I went into the membership area and definitely set my own address to not 
require moderation. I sent the message out again, but have not seen any 
sign of it.

I have the list set to not archive messages, but I know they're going out, 
at least they're appearing in my Alpine sent-mail.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


--Kathy Bilton
kathy at fred.net

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