[Mailman-Users] User management via email?

Chase, Edward ECHASE at providence.edu
Wed Aug 3 20:35:53 CEST 2011

Hello mailman-users,

I'm currently moving my organization's announcement mailing lists onto GNU-Mailman, in the past I've been able to script an email message to send to our mailing list software to subscribe an address to a list as part of my user creation process.

I thought that I had done this task as part of my initial testing, but I cannot find that I documented that at all.  My Google-fu is coming up very empty on the subject.  I've found a number of people asking the same question with few replies.  The best I found was a *dated* web page that states that user management is only possible via the web interface.

Is it possible to do user management via email at this time?


Edward Chase
Information Technology Department
Providence College

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