[Mailman-Users] User management via email?

Glenn Sieb ges+lists at wingfoot.org
Wed Aug 10 03:00:57 CEST 2011

On 8/3/11 2:35 PM, Chase, Edward wrote:
> I thought that I had done this task as part of my initial testing,
> but I cannot find that I documented that at all.  My Google-fu is
> coming up very empty on the subject.  I've found a number of people
> asking the same question with few replies.  The best I found was a
> *dated* web page that states that user management is only possible
> via the web interface.
> Is it possible to do user management via email at this time?

Have you checked into $LOCALBASE/mailman/bin/add_members? You could
probably wrap a script around it easily enough.


Add members to a list from the command line.

    add_members [options] listname


    -r file
        A file containing addresses of the members to be added, one
        address per line.  This list of people become non-digest
        members.  If file is `-', read addresses from stdin.  Note that
        -n/--non-digest-members-file are deprecated synonyms for this

    -d file
        Similar to above, but these people become digest members.

    -w <y|n>
        Set whether or not to send the list members a welcome message,
        overriding whatever the list's `send_welcome_msg' setting is.

    -a <y|n>
        Set whether or not to send the list administrators a notification on
        the success/failure of these subscriptions, overriding whatever the
        list's `admin_notify_mchanges' setting is.

        Print this help message and exit.

        The name of the Mailman list you are adding members to.  It must
        already exist.

You must supply at least one of -r and -d options.  At most one of the
files can be `-'.


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