[Mailman-Users] Email address subscribed to many annoucementlists but only recieves one copy on an annoucement sent to multiple lists

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Aug 17 06:56:32 CEST 2011

Chase, Edward wrote:
>No, not Gmail.  My address is in-house Exchange and my test "student" account is Microsoft Live at edu which I would assume is a really, really big Exchange system.  So might this not be a GNU-Mailman behavior ?

I'm still betting on something downstream from Mailman. You could
verify this by checking the outging MTA logs on the Mailman server.
You should see all four messages from list1-bounces at ...,
list2-bounces at ..., etc. being delivered to the MX for your test

If you don't have access to those logs or to someone who does, you
could do a test by sending a test message to your test address
directly and to a local address with a .forward to the test address.
I'm betting that in this test, the test address will see only one copy.

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