[Mailman-Users] Completely read-only list

David Lubkin lubkin at lubkin.net
Sat Aug 20 17:13:50 CEST 2011

I've moved and renamed a set of lists. Not everyone reads their
email, though, so occasionally people try to post to the old names
off the old domain name. For now, I want to retain the old lists
as is, in case I need to back out of the move.

I've set up autorespond text to tell posters that a list has moved,
but their postings still go through to the old list that way. If I set
everyone's moderation bit (or enable the emergency moderation
flag), I still have to manually reject or discard postings.

The answer would seem to be a filter that matches on all postings
and rejects them with my autorespond text. Is there anything
simpler I could do?

I've checked the archives, and all the answers are about lists
that are *mostly* read-only, not entirely.

A truly read-only list has other utility. There are a few extinct
lists I'd like to host archives for. Mailman provides the framework
for controlling who can access the archives and for generating
the browsing pages.

For that use case, since I don't need an explanation sent to a
would-be poster, I think the simplest solution is removing the
list from the mail aliases file.

I'm using 2.1.12, for no reason other than that it's working fine
and I haven't had a compelling reason to upgrade yet.

-- David.

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