[Mailman-Users] Completely read-only list

David Lubkin lubkin at lubkin.net
Sun Aug 21 18:28:35 CEST 2011

Mark wrote:

>>Set everyones moderation bit. Do not set emergency moderation.
>>Go to Privacy options... -> Sender filters and set
>>member_moderation_action to Reject and put your message text in

I replied:

>Why, yes, that's perfect. Thank you, Bill and Mark. Can't think why I
>didn't spot member_moderation_*. Now all I have to do is use withlist
>to change the rest of the lists.

Actually, it's not perfect. Emergency moderation seems better than
setting everyone's moderation bit.

Setting everyone's moderation bit either requires manually visiting
each admin page (for ~75 lists) or writing a more complicated script
to achieve what that does. Worse, it loses the record of who was set to
moderation before this, making it much more cumbersome to undo.

Is there any reason you're counseling against emergency moderation?

-- David.

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