[Mailman-Users] setup options

Chase, Edward ECHASE at providence.edu
Tue Aug 23 17:19:55 CEST 2011

Under General Options,

Set "Hide the sender" option to "No".  I think this is the default.

Set "Where are the replies directed" option to "This list".

That should do it.  Pretty straight forward.  It probably took you more time to find, subscribe, and send to the mailman-users lists than it would have to figure out these settings.

Good luck with your setup.

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First time using Mailman (ver. 2.1.14) as administrator.

Trying to set up all options, what I am looking for, if possible is:
When a subscriber receives a message, would like his reply to go back to the list sever and also to show (e-mail) address of the sender.
This way most reply's go back to the list server, however if recipient wants to, he send a message to the directly originator of the message.


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