[Mailman-Users] migrate mailman to new server

NIKKurer NIKkurer at yandex.ru
Thu Aug 25 10:29:32 CEST 2011

I have old mail server (rabbit.mydomain.com) and new mail server (newbie.mydomain.com). I need to migrate mailman from old to new server.
I used the instructions found in this mailing list:

1. Copied all of /var/lib/mailman/lists/ from the old server to the new
2. Fixed the permissions with "chown -R mailman:mailman
3. Fixed the urls for the new one with "/usr/lib/mailman/bin/withlist -l -r
fix_url [listname]"
for each list.  (Only necessary if the new server has a different domain
name than the old one - one time I was moving from xcski.com to
list.xcski.com and the other time I was keeping the same list.xcski.com
4. Copied all /var/lib/mailman/archives/private/*mbox/*mbox to the new
5. Fixed the permissions with "chown -R mailman:mailman
6. Regenerated the archives using "/usr/lib/mailman/bin/arch [listname]"
for each list.  Note that if your archives are big, this process can
consume all the memory in your system and then some, so you may have to
split the mbox files up and regenerate the list archives in peices or use
the "--start" and "--end" options to arch.

But coming on http://newbie.domain.com/mailman I get to http://rabbit.domain.com/mailman/listinfo

Could you help me resolve this problem?

Best regards
Alex Trifonov

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