[Mailman-Users] Hide Senders IP-Adress (not Email-Adress) when sending mail to list

Sven Reissmann sven at 0x80.io
Mon Aug 29 14:15:57 CEST 2011


I am trying to find a solution for filtering the first-senders ip/host
information out of an email header. (I am running mailman with postfix).

I am already doing the anonymization when sending mail for "normal"
users by setting smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header=yes and then using
header_checks to replace the part of the header where the users ip
address can be found with

For mailman I found the anonymous list option, that will hide the
email-address of the original sender but not his ip address. What I want
to do is leaving the senders email-address in the header but hide the
ip-address (or replace it by the list servers address).

[The reason for this (in case this raises questions) are the data
retention efforts of germany and other countries.]

So my questions would be:

- Is there a possibility for mailman itself to replace the senders
address by lets say the mailservers address (IP not Mail).

- If not, is there a possibility to add any extra header information
(like the Authenticated-Header i mentioned before) by mailman? I would
need some unique string inside the header that can be addressed by my
rexular expression.

Thanks in advance,

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