[Mailman-Users] Hide Senders IP-Adress (not Email-Adress) when sending mail to list

Sven Reissmann sven at 0x80.io
Mon Aug 29 19:32:20 CEST 2011


Am 29.08.2011 17:50, schrieb Ralf Hildebrandt:
>> I am trying to find a solution for filtering the first-senders ip/host
>> information out of an email header. (I am running mailman with postfix).
> The very first? E.g. the IP of the dialup the user is sending from?


>> I am already doing the anonymization when sending mail for "normal"
>> users by setting smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header=yes and then using
>> header_checks to replace the part of the header where the users ip
>> address can be found with
> OK. Why not do the same for the other users?

Right.. I'm sorry, I kind of missed the point here. I didn't understood
the meaning of Authenticated-Header exactly. Thought that there is none
for mailing lists as users don't authenticate "with passwords".
I am now using nearly the same regexp as i do for imap users. I got the
regexp from the web and modified it slightly. So far it seems to work
without any issues. I poste it here in case anyone is interested. (If
anyone sees problems or cases where it wouldn't work, please let me know :))

/^Received: from (.* \([-._[:alnum:]]+
\[[.[:digit:]]{7,15}\]\)).*?([[:space:]]+).*\(Authenticated sender:
([^)]+)\).*by (mx\.server\.net) \(([^)]+)\) with (E?SMTPS?A?) id
  REPLACE Received: from [] (localhost
[])$2(Authenticated sender: $3)${2}with $6 id $7 $8

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