[Mailman-Users] attachment problem

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Aug 30 18:51:26 CEST 2011

Iacopo Torrini wrote:
>In all the mailing lists I am running if somebody sends the mail with an 
>attachment, the mail disappears. It is not rejected nor bounced, it 
>seems like it went thru but nothing happens.
>If I sent a mail w/attachment from a NOTregistered mail, I receive the 
>bounce message (both user and admin) and the mail is there, waiting for 
>approval with its attachment. Once I approve the mail/new user, the mail 
>disappears. It does not even leave track in the progressive numbering in 
>the subject. Desaparecido.

So something is happening in the processing pipeline after the
'Moderate' handler which holds non-member posts. What is in Mailman's
logs - particularly 'error' and 'vette'?

>I tried to:
>1) to disable the content filtering (yes, I always kept it disabled)
>2) enable the filtering but erase all file extensions
>3) set maximum mail size to 0
>4) set maximum mail size to 50000 (attachment was 30K)

A programmed discard will produce a "Message discarded, msgid: ..."
message in the vette log. The only ones that occur after Moderate are
in Scrubber and MimeDel. Since this occurs with content filtering off,
it's not MimeDel. It's not likely to be Scrubber either since
Scrubber's discard only occurs with single part HTML messages, not
with messages with attachments.

This leaves some exception occurring in processing messages with
attachments. This shoud produce an error message and traceback in the
error log.

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