[Mailman-Users] Deleting old msgs?

Richard Haas rhaas at rhaas.us
Sat Dec 3 21:02:00 CET 2011

Mark Sapiro <mark <at> msapiro.net> writes:
> I have added a -p/--preserve option to collect the pruned messages in
> archives/private/LISTNAME.mbox/LISTNAME.mbox.pruned, appending to that
> file if it exists. You could then compress that and save it anywhere
> you want. If you feel it is important to provide the path rather than
> using the fixed path above, I can do that, but since my script can
> process multiple lists in one invocation, it is more complicated.
> I.e., should all the pruned messages from multiple lists be saved in a
> single file, or should the list name be inserted into the path name
> somehow?

Nope, this will more than suffice. Keeping the script's operations in 
the Mailman hierarchy prevents dependencies on permissions, and 
follows the precedent of the other scripts. There's no point 
in getting your python code involved in all the possible local 
variations, let the calling script (if there is one) handle that logic.

Thanks again. My mailman-owner non-denominational holiday gift 
receptical runeth over.  :-)


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