[Mailman-Users] Changes to CookHeaders.py stop working for SOMElists!?

Drew Tenenholz drew.tenenholz at isid.org
Tue Dec 6 16:18:44 CET 2011

At 7:36 PM -0800 12/5/11, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Is either include_rfc2369_headers or include_list_post_header set to No
>for the affected lists (those that don't apply the header)?

Yes, include_rfc2369_headers=No on the affected lists and not on the others.  Oddly enough, I remember doing this, because I was getting complaints about users with mobile devices like Blackberries complaining that the actual email ends up hidden below the headers and they have to do a lot of scrolling to get to the message.  I moved all of the same information to the footer, so we are sort of compliant to the RFC while making the message more easily read.  (Also, the MTA on another server is running a tumbleweed spam/virus filter that tacks on an ocean of its own headers as well; I have no control over this....)

Knowing this, however, may give me something I've wanted for a while; a way to include the custom header on the 'public' lists that send messages to the broad subscriber base and not include them on 'internal' messages that are only sent between a small group of folks putting together the final content for the public list.

Mark Sapiro wrote:
>yum probably 'upgraded' Mailman.

Maybe that's possible with a Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) update run by some other sysadmin.  The version number displayed on the Mailman admin pages still says 2.1.9, is there a simple way to get the full release number or 'upgrade' date?  (I was previously told the version was 2.1.9 release 6.el5.)

Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Do you mean /usr/lib/mailman/bin/mailmanctl restart?

Yes, that's what I get for typing from memory...

So, the /bin/mailmanctl restart only restarts the qrunners, but that is enough to enact any changes to CookHeaders.py, correct?

Drew Tenenholz

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