[Mailman-Users] Operating mailman across a mail gateway for inbound mail.

Oscar Hodgson oscar.hodgson at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 22:59:35 CET 2011

I'm considering Mailman as an alternative.  High number of groups, small  
number of users, used for internal groups, no interest / need for public  
discussion groups.  This is about managing our business, not communicating  
with the world (although some of our users forward internal mail to  
external SMTP servers ...).

Mailman docs seem to be oriented towards a direct connection to the  
internet for external mail.

We've got a single opening in the firewall for SMTP (inbound and  
outbound), and that's fine by me.  Having Mailman running on the mail  
server (sendmail) is not a viable option ... but having all mail that  
addressed to lists delivered to mboxes on the gateway that are  
periodically (10 mins?) retrieved via POP and fed into Mailman would be a  
viable option (but I'm open to suggestions).  There's no split DNS here,  
the MX for Mailman would presumably be the external MX host.  When Mailman  
needs to distribute externally, outbound mail would go across the external  

It's not clear to (from my admittedly limited review of the documentation  
thus far) if or how Mailman could be made to function as described.

Suggestions would be welcomed.


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