[Mailman-Users] Fruitless attempts to preserve HTML formatting while filtering other content.

Bas G. Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 14:34:33 CET 2011

Hello Mailman user forum members.

One of the lists I am moderating is the "European Gathering Forum" which can 
be found via this link: http://european.rainbowgathering.eu/
The exact link to the mailman list is: 

Already for weeks, I have been trying to find out how to get through the list 
HTML formatted messages in a responsible way: without transmitting virus 
infected stuff, spyware, etc. After scrutinising the FAQ pages and previous 
threads with similar subjects, I found a page which seems to contain exactly 
what I am looking for: 
This page contains suggestions how to preserve HTML formatting while filtering 
other content. 

As much as I can, I have been trying to follow those instructions: so far 
fruitlessly. By example a trial mail sent yesterday looks like the screen-shot 
in this file: http://rainbowgathering.eu/trialmail-attempt.pdf
But each list member has received the trial message with "HTML attachments 
scrubbed". See this screen shot: 

That's why I am wondering whether I overlooked something in the "content 
filtering settings". Be so kind to look at another screen-shot and provide me 
with your feedback. The screen-shot I refer to is this one:

At present, I am using Mailman version 2.1.9. The mailing list has been 
created via a "Plesk" control panel: the one I use to administer the domain 
"RainbowGathering.eu". The exact name of this control panel is: 
"Parallels Plesk Panel 10.2"

I really would appreciate your feedback. Respectfully yours,

Bas Roufs.

Bas G. Roufs MA
Van 't Hoffstraat 1
NL-3514 VT Utrecht
+31 30 785 20 40
+31 6 446 835 10
BasRoufs at gmail.com
OS: Linux Kubuntu 11.04, kubuntu.org
Websites in construction:
* rainbowgathering.eu
* basroufs.eu
* viaconsensus.nl

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