[Mailman-Users] preventing auto respond to list admin on announce only list

craig coulson craiggc at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 12:59:53 CET 2011


REF - http://support.modwest.com/content/13/195/en/how-do-i-make-an-announce-only-newsletter-with-mailman.html

I've followed the above to setup an announce only list but the list
owner and list admins get the 'this is an announce-only list' bounce
message when posting an announcement

I have added the admins to the `accept all` filter when approving
their first posts but even subsequent posts get the announce only
message again - although they do go straight to the list.

What's necessary to exempt list owner and/or admins from moderation,
so that their posts go to the list members, but the auto-respond does
not come to them everytime they post ?

I have been unable to locate any further info on this sort of situation.
Thanks in advance.

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