[Mailman-Users] How to subscribe user without notify one

Mailman Admin mailman-admin at uni-konstanz.de
Wed Dec 21 17:04:38 CET 2011

Hi Степанов Роман Владимирович

On 2011-12-21 06:36, Степанов Роман Владимирович wrote:
> We have automotive process to subscribe/unsubscribe when users visit
> a site and select a specific list and leave  their email than robot
> must send a command by email to mailman to subscribe or unsubs that
> user.
> How to do it by email command not from GUI or command line tool
> without notify user?

By email command you can't do that without knowing the password of the user.

>From commandline use:
bin/remove_members --nouserack ${LISTNAME} ${LIST_OF_USERS_TO_UNSUB}
bin/remove_members --nouserack --file=${FILE_WITH_USERS_TO_UNSUB}

Kind regards,
Christian Mack

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