[Mailman-Users] when renaming a virtual domain the listinfo command can't show list

Peter Sørensen maspsr at sdu.dk
Fri Dec 23 09:35:49 CET 2011


I have a setup with mailman where I use virtual domains with postfix.
This is working very well.

I know need to rename some of the domains for the list. So I do the following:

I have a list named mytest in mydomain.sdu.dk and i want to change the domain to newdomain.sdu.dk

I call withlist -l -r fix_url.py testsdu mytest -u newdomain.sdu.dk
And then genaliases to rebuild the virtiual-mailman file

I can address the list and everything seems to work apart from the list is missing on the web
when using the listinfo command. I'm sure that his is because a url is changed but I can't
find out where. It's not in the config file. Where to look ??

Best regards

Peter Sørensen/Univ. Of Southern Denmark/email: maspsr at sdu.dk

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