[Mailman-Users] upgrading list and other data from 2.1.9to2.1.14

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Feb 4 04:21:45 CET 2011

Ivan Fetch wrote:
>    I was planning to sync qfiles also (now that you mention it). Looking 
>at our current qfiles, some of them have files which look like they should 
>be deleted:
>Bounces: 260 (all .bak, but one .tmp)

There was a bug in 2.1.9 that would leave the .bak file behind when the
runner encountered an "unparseable message" exception. You can examine
these files with bin/dumpdb or bin/show_qfiles, but I think they're
all spam and should be removed.

>Shunt: 145 .pck
>    Should I kill the files in bounces, and run unshunt on files in shunt 
>which are not terribly old?

Again, look at the shunt queue entries with bin/dumpdb or
bin/show_qfiles and delete all but the "good" ones. Also look in
Mailman's error log for the corresponding time stamped entries to see
what the underlying issue is. If it isn't fixed, the messages will
just be shunted again.

Once you have only "good" entries in the shunt queue, you can run

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