[Mailman-Users] Mail to list delivers into a local mailbox instead of the list

Ron Aaron ron at ronware.org
Fri Feb 4 07:54:06 CET 2011

You wrote:

> Which indicates Postfix is not seeing that mail to lists.my.dom is
> using the mailman transport.


> Have you added hash:/etc/mailman/transport to transport_maps in
> main.cf? have you run "postmap /etc/mailman/transport" to update
> /etc/mailman/transport.db?

Yes I have, and I restarted mailman and postfix.

> Those have no effect on postfix_to_mailman.py delivery. You should have
> MTA = None.

OK, done.

> postfix_to_mailman.py is a third party module officially unsupported by
> the GNU Mailman project. Maybe if everyone who had problems making
> their Debian/Ubuntu installation work with postfix_to_mailman.py went
> to Debian for support instead of coming here, Debian wold fix the
> package or improve the documentation or whatever is necessary to avoid
> these problems.

<em>  Sorry; I had no idea of this, I'm just trying to get the system to work 
with mailman.  Obviously it is possible, and if I can get it done I'll be 
happy to contribute documentation.

After re-setting things as you mentioned above, and restarting the daemons, I 
sent an email to my test list.  Here is the relevant mail.log:

postfix/smtpd[16482]: connect from unknown[]
postfix/smtpd[16482]: setting up TLS connection from unknown[]
postfix/smtpd[16482]: Anonymous TLS connection established from 
unknown[]: TLSv1 with cipher DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA (256/256 bits)                                                                                            
postfix/smtpd[16482]: C73305415EF: client=unknown[], 
sasl_method=PLAIN, sasl_username=ron at my.dom                                                                                                                     
postfix/cleanup[16486]: C73305415EF: message-id=<201102040841.26293.ron at my.dom>
postfix/qmgr[16475]: C73305415EF: from=<ron at my.dom>, size=691, nrcpt=1 (queue 
spamd[5057]: spamd: connection from localhost [] at port 33232
spamd[5057]: spamd: setuid to vmail succeeded
spamd[5057]: spamd: processing message <201102040841.26293.ron at my.dom> for 
spamd[5057]: spamd: clean message (-1.0/5.0) for vmail:5000 in 3.3 seconds, 
673 bytes.
spamd[5057]: spamd: result: . -1 - ALL_TRUSTED 
scantime=3.3,size=673,user=vmail,uid=5000,required_score=5.0,rhost=localhost,raddr=,rport=33232,mid=<201102040841.26293.ron at my.dom>,autolearn=ham
postfix/pickup[16474]: 5C9BB541603: uid=5000 from=<ron at my.dom>
postfix/pipe[16487]: C73305415EF: to=<test at lists.my.dom>, relay=spamassassin, 
delay=3.6, delays=0.19/0.01/0/3.4, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered via 
spamassassin service)
postfix/qmgr[16475]: C73305415EF: removed
postfix/cleanup[16486]: 5C9BB541603: message-id=<201102040841.26293.ron at my.dom>
spamd[5056]: prefork: child states: II
postfix/qmgr[16475]: 5C9BB541603: from=<ron at my.dom>, size=981, nrcpt=1 (queue 
postfix/pipe[16492]: 5C9BB541603: to=<test at my.dom>, 
orig_to=<test at lists.my.dom>, relay=maildrop, delay=0.32, 
delays=0.2/0.01/0/0.12, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered via maildrop 
postfix/qmgr[16475]: 5C9BB541603: removed
postfix/smtpd[16482]: disconnect from unknown[]

Note that lists.my.dom seems to get mapped to just my.dom and no mention of 
mailman appears here (I assume I would see some mailman logging going on 
here).  The /var/log/mailman/qrunner log only shows it was restart.

So the question is why would postfix not be passing the connection on to 
mailman?  Is there another 'transport' key I should use, perhaps, or maybe one 
of the 'filter' keys?
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