[Mailman-Users] Migration of Mailman from Slackware to RHEL

Dwayne.Miller at nc4.us Dwayne.Miller at nc4.us
Thu Feb 10 15:43:17 CET 2011

I'm forced to migrate an instance of Mailman (v2.1.8) from a Slackware 
distro (Mailman was locally compiled) to a RHEL6 with Mailman (v2.1.12) 
installed via RPM.  The directory structures for Mailman on these two 
servers are completely different.  The Slackware system seems to have all 
of Mailman in the /usr/local/Mailman directory.  The RHEL system seems to 
have put Mailman in several folders.

My goal is to take the Slackware system off-line, move all of the Mailman 
data to the RHEL system, make sure the Mailman configuration is good, then 
bring the RHEL system on-line.  I'm very new to Mailman.


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