[Mailman-Users] A basic filtering MIME question

yahoo yahoo at 8es.com
Mon Jan 3 05:02:57 CET 2011

I've been reading the FAQ's etc and asking local advice; but I must be
doing something stoopid.

MM2.1.3 under Linux, 2.6.18-164.el5

My goal is:

a) Accept text/MIME/HTML message bodies, but deliver as text to subscribers 
& archives.

b) /dev/null the attachments, both in delivery and archives.

FAQ 1.8 says:

> In Mailman 2.1, on the admin page, go to the Content Filtering section.
> Change "Should Mailman filter ..." to Yes. If you leave the rest at
> default values, including Yes for "Should Mailman convert text/html
> parts to plain text?", your list will only distribute plain text
> messages with no attachments.

And I did so, but I suspect that filter_mime_types &/or pass mime type 
originally had values that before/in my muddling, have been lost; both are 
empty now.


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