[Mailman-Users] List on a different domain name?

Chris Arnold carnold at electrichendrix.com
Mon Jan 10 20:45:30 CET 2011

On 1/8/2011 9:03 AM, C A wrote:

> This use to work on a domain we had that has expired now and in fact
> when internal network users goto that old address, we can still use
> the old existing list. So i am not sure about the downstream and
> upstream packages you referred to.

>The upstream product is GNU Mailman as distributed by the Mailman
>project. This can be downloaded and installed following our installation
>documentation. It is also packaged by value-added resellers/distributors
>for "turn-key" installation on their systems (In your case apparently
>Novell/SLES). These are referred to as downstream packagers because they
>are downstream in the flow from the base or upstream product to you.

>Downstream packagers do many things to make a turn-key package that
>integrates Mailman with a web server and MTA. They may or may not do
>things in ways that we recommend, and except for the most common
>packages, we don't have a clue as to what they have done. That's why
>your first recourse for support should always be the packager.
I did not install mailman from Novell/SuSE. I downloaded and installed from source.

> I have tried everything you have
> suggested and nothing seems to work. You helped me get the old
> expired domain list working and i seem to remember something about
> split lists or something split. Maybe i should bring forth the
> network servers setup: -mailman host= installed on domain.com which
> is our webserver (apache2 2.2.3), SLES10 SP3 with OES2 SP3. Has a
> separate postfix install that is not used (i seem to remember having
> to have this postfix instance send the email to our email server,
> more on this next). -email server= separate server with Zimbra 6.0.9
> FOSS (this uses postfix) running on SLES10 SP3 with OES2 SP3.The
> maillist users have been created. I'm not sure what else info to give
> you from this server. I will happily give you remote access to the
> servers if you need it.

>I am a volunteer. I neither ask nor receive any remuneration for what I
>do to support Mailman. I do it because I like to see people succeed in
>using Mailman, and because I am a "problem solver". There are however,
>limits to what I am willing or even able to do.
I thank you for all that you do and in sharing the info you have filed away in your head.

>If you like, you can mail me off list with the following information.

>What works.
>What doesn't work - expected and actual results.
>The contents of mm_cfg.py.
>ls -l of mailman's data/ directory
>The contents of data/aliases and, if it exists, data/virtual-mailman
>The output from postconf -n
>The contents of apache's httpd.conf and all included files
This is going to sound weird but i do not see any mailman data folders. Where should they be located?

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