[Mailman-Users] Need Script to Apend to acceptable_aliases

Barry Finkel bsfinkel at anl.gov
Wed Jan 12 18:29:14 CET 2011

I have a script that adds an e-mail address to


for a number of lists.

# From a Mailman-Users reply August 19, 2007 to my posting:
# Mark Sapiro replied:
# Not directly, but in a shell script you could prepare a file that
# looks like
# mlist.accept_these_nonmembers.append('usera at example.com')
# mlist.accept_these_nonmembers.append('userb at example.com')
# and so on for all the non-members you want to add and then run
# bin/config_list -i filename listname
# where filename is the name of the above file.

I now have a need to add an e-mail address to


for a number of lists.  I took the existing script and cloned it.
When I ran it I got some messages:

      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/usr/sbin/config_list", line 362, in ?
        File "/usr/sbin/config_list", line 357, in main
          do_input(listname, infile, checkonly, verbose)
        File "/usr/sbin/config_list", line 263, in do_input
          execfile(infile, globals)
        File "append_acceptable_aliases.file", line 1, in ?
          mlist.acceptable_aliases.append('testuser at example.com')
      AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'append'

I have not looked at the Mailman source, so I am not sure what is
failing.  Is it the case that the


is stored in a different internal format than


is?  This is a 2.1.14 package built from the SourceForge source.  Thanks.
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