[Mailman-Users] control mail distribution ..

Khalil Abbas khillo100 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 21 10:15:17 CET 2011

well, attached are parts of the error and qrunner logs.. I also forgot to mention that I also delete the following files:

rm /var/lib/mailman/data/*.pck -f
rm /var/lock/mailman/*.* -f

the first one also eats up my little space on the hard drive, and the other locks the lists n they can’t send..

what I need to know, why the subscribers are being removed? is it because of misconfiguration of mailman? or because of outside MTA’s like yahoo and hotmail rejecting mail from my servers because I need to control the flow of messages going out from my servers?

another thing worth to mention, the servers are not blocked by hotmail because I sent single test messages from all my servers to some of my subscribers that were removed from my lists and they received them with no problems..


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Khalil Abbas wrote:
>if the bounce runner keeps dying, then why the subscribers keep being

Because it doesn't die always? You're the one with the logs and other
evidence that might enable someone to answer this.

>and I understand the conclusion to my previously asked question,
>deleting these files does not get the subscribers to be removed right?

Right. Deleting *.pck files from /var/spool/mailman/bounce will result
in those specific bounce messages (each file is one queued bounce
message) being lost and therefore not processed.

Likewise, deleting bounce-events-*.pck files from
/var/lib/mailman/data/ will in the case of active files result in the
bounce information in the file being unprocessed, and in the case of
"dead" files have no effect because whatever residual bounce info is
in those files is lost.

In any event, removing these files will result only in bounce scores
not being incremented and subscribers not being removed, not the

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