[Mailman-Users] control mail distribution ..

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Jan 23 19:21:25 CET 2011

On 1/23/2011 7:46 AM, Khalil Abbas wrote:
> attached are the Jan 16, and Jan 17th logs: error, smtp, qrunner,
> locks.. I replaced my domain name with the word (DOMAIN) cause I believe
> this is shown to public ..
> there are several smtp-failure files (failure.1, .2, .3...) but they are
> all empty (0 bytes size)..

The locks log shows one broken expired lock, possibly due to your
frequent reboots.

The error log shows only unparseable messages but there are over 3000 of
them in about 26 hours. Correlation with the qrunner log shows these are
all processed by BounceRunner. Thus they are unparseable messages sent
to the LIST-bounces addresses. Normally, unparseable messages are spam,
but possible they are real bounces from some broken MTA.

The next time you have an accumulation of
/var/spool/mailman/bounce/*.pck files, examine some of them with
Mailman's bin/dumpdb or bin/show_qfiles tool. If they look like
legitimate bounce messages, they may give you some information about
your bounces, but note that the particular messages that are unparseable
do not get scored for any user.

If they look like spam, then your problem may just be massive amounts of
spam sent to your LIST-bounces addresses.

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