[Mailman-Users] mailman problem with exim

Lorenzo Coronati lorenzo at coronati.com
Sat Jul 30 09:20:30 CEST 2011

On 29/07/2011 23:42, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Check your exim logs. If your list mail is not using the
> "mailman_router" router, you need to move that router closer to the
> front of the routers section, at least ahead of the router it is
> using. The "mailman_router" router uses the "mailman_transport"
> transport, not the "address_pipe" transport in the messages in your OP.
Hi Mark,
the router is the first of the list; I paste it here:

   driver = accept
   domains = +mm_domains
   require_files = MAILMAN_LISTCHK
   local_part_suffix = -bounces : -bounces+* : \
                       -confirm+* : -join : -leave : \
                       -owner : -request : -admin
   headers_remove = X-Spam-Score:X-Spam-Report
   transport = mailman_transport

and the transport follows:

   driver = pipe
   command = MAILMAN_WRAP \
             '${if def:local_part_suffix \
                   {${sg{$local_part_suffix}{-(\\w+)(\\+.*)?}{\$1}}} \
                   {post}}' \
   current_directory = MAILMAN_HOME
   home_directory = MAILMAN_HOME
   user = MAILMAN_USER
   group = MAILMAN_GROUP

I copied both from one of the many tutorials on the web, and adjusted 
only the variables in capitals...

Thanks again for your support

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