[Mailman-Users] Continued problems with Mailman on RHEL6.1

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Jun 10 07:40:37 CEST 2011

Steven Jones writes:
 > 8><-----
 > This list is not the appropriate place for your RedHat packaging issues.
 > 8><-------
 > I can appreciate this, but Im trying to determine what is going
 > wrong so I can be sure in taking it to RH they have stuffed up.

This is *exactly* why you should go to Red Hat *first*.  They have
changed a known working system; they have *already* "stuffed up" by

The practical problem with asking here first is that the Mailman
project members would find it very expensive to help you do that,
unless they happen to be very familiar with Red Hat themselves.
However, almost all of us build Mailman from source without
OS-specific patches because *we know it works that way*!  We *know*
that Red Hat changes Mailman; but even if shown the patches, we don't
know why or how the behavior of Mailman is affected by these changes,
because in many cases it has to do with Red Hat-specific features of
the OS.

OTOH, the Red Hat maintainer knows all of the above (unless the
original maintainer has gone AWOL and not bothered to train a
successor, in which case our advice is surely going to be "nuke the RH
package and install from source").  He can probably diagnose such
problems off the top of his head, as well as have a much better idea
of when to bat the ball back into our court than we have about blaming
it on Red Hat.

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