[Mailman-Users] archives of sibling lists

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Jun 14 20:33:02 CEST 2011

Lucio Chiappetti wrote:

>I have set up (for a transitory activity lasting about one month) a couple 
>of lists (A and B) with real subscribers, and an umbrella list C with no 
>members, but having A and B as sibling lists.
>I have set up the lists with private archives.
>Now it is clear that members of A or B can access the archives of the 
>respective list, using their e-mail and password.
>But who and how can access the archives of C ?
>Ideally all members of A and C should

Only members of C plus anyone who authenticates with the admin or
moderator password of C.

This is a drawback of using sibling lists this way. You could make C an
actual umbrella with A and B as members and then posts would be
archived in the A and B archives, but you then have the duplication

>For some reason I can, but I'm the moderator and used the moderator 
>passwords and probably there are some cookies that make the browser work 


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