[Mailman-Users] member's mail got held

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Mar 4 19:18:52 CET 2011

Joshua, C.S. Chen wrote:

>I am taking care of a list (list at mydomain.edu), when some messages sent
>like like this
>From: <sender>
>To: list at mydomain.edu
>Cc: <other recipients> (not in the list)
>Subject: <subject>
>for some reason, they got held and need human interaction to allow it.
>No mater the sender is member (in the list), or non-member but has been
>added to the list that non-member but automatically accepted.
>Is there a setup item that I can have all this kind of messages
>automatically pass without being held? when it is To: list at mydomain.com
>and Cc: other recipients.

What is the reason the messages are held? The reason is in the held
message notice to the admin/moderator, in the web admindb interface
and in Mailman's 'vette' log.

Once we know the reason, we can tell you what to do about it.

If by chance the reason is 'Too many recipients to the message', you
can either send the message with Bcc: rather than Cc: to the other
recipients, or you can set Privacy options... -> Recipient filters ->
max_num_recipients to a larger number or to zero for no limit.

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