[Mailman-Users] Copying rejection reason and email to multiplemoderators?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Mar 4 19:33:57 CET 2011

Paul Key wrote:
>I have a list with more than one moderator.  When one moderator rejects 
>a post to the moderated list I would like a copy of the rejected email 
>and the reason for rejection sent to the other moderators.  I have 
>looked at the "Additionally, forward this message to:" option on the 
>"Posting Held for Approval" but this only forwards the rejected email 
>and not the reason for rejection. Is there a way of forwarding both the 
>email and the reason for rejection to the other moderators?

Not automatically. The moderator would have to manually compose a
message to LISTNAME-owner at ... indicating the message and the reason.

To do this automatically, you could modify the code in the
BounceMessage() method in Mailman/Bouncer.py by changing

        # Currently we always craft bounces as MIME messages.
        bmsg = Message.UserNotification(msg.get_sender(),


        # Currently we always craft bounces as MIME messages.
        bmsg = Message.UserNotification([msg.get_sender(),

This will include the LISTNAME-owner address in the To: of the
rejection notice. However, this will be a global change affecting all
lists in the installation.

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