[Mailman-Users] Setting to prevent winmail.dat

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Mar 21 21:58:31 CET 2011

Dave Anderson wrote:

>I have a mailing list that replaces attachments (pdf,doc,docx,...) with winmail.dat for one of our domain spaces, let's call it @student.example.ca. The messages are sent from Outlook (Exchange) to the list and they appear fine in gmail and our primary domain.  This is an older list, but the kicker is that one of my new lists sends attachments to @student.example.ca just fine, no .dat file. I have gone through the old list and applied the same settings that are on the new list and still the .dat attachment is still received.

I'm a bit confused. You say the list "replaces attachments
(pdf,doc,docx,...) with winmail.dat for one of our domain spaces".
Mailman does not do this. It is Outlook/Exchange that does this. The
winmail.dat file contains the attachments in Microsoft's Transport
Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF).

It is not clear from your post, but I'm guessing that posts with
attachments are passing through the list OK, and it is the exchange
server for the @student.example.ca domain that is converting them to
TNEF after they've passed through the list.

If this is not what's happening, please be more specific about exactly
what does happen and what you want to happen instead.

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