[Mailman-Users] Installing latest Mailman updates via automatic bash script file possible?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Mar 30 17:43:11 CEST 2011

Michael Capelle wrote:

>I also would like to know this to, and if someone can, please give me
>step-by-step on how to update mailman, that would be great.

If you have a packaged Mailman, you use the pacgage tool (apt-get, yum,
etc.) appropriate for your distribution/package.

If your mailman is installed from source, the steps are:

1. Obtain the source you want. Download and unpack a tarball or run a
"bzr export" to get the source directly from lp:mailman/2.1.

2. Go to the directory containing the Mailman source.

3. Read the NEWS file for information about changes.

3.5 If you have any local patches that are still applicable, install
them now.

4. Run ./configure with exactly the same options as when you initially
coffigured and installed Mailman.

5. Stop Mailman. Some people will also advocate stopping the MTA and
web server at this point, but the window in which the MTA could be
affected is extremely short and even if the MTA tried to execute the
mail wrapper just as it was being updated, it would probably result in
a retryable SMTP error. Likewise, unless you have heavy Mailman web
traffic, the likelyhood of a problem due to Mailman being updated
while a CGI was being executed is small. I don't stop either the MTA
or web server.

6. Run make install

7. Start Mailman

I put steps 5, 6 and 7 in a shell script to minimize the time Mailman
is not running. I also review Mailman's logs after step 7 to make sure
there are no immediate problems.

This process should be all that's required for upgrading from any 2.1.x
version to a later 2.1.x version, but if your current version is 2.1.4
or older, see the UPGRADING file in the source directory.

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