[Mailman-Users] Minor addition to Mailman/Cgi/options.py

Malcolm Austen malcolm.austen at weald.org.uk
Tue May 3 17:16:29 CEST 2011

On Tue, 03 May 2011 15:46:47 +0100, C Nulk <CNulk at scu.edu> wrote:

> Thanks for your input and your examples.

And yours Chris.

> The problem occurs on the Options login page.   When the users see the
> password field on that page, they completely forget about reading any
> other part of the page.  They just plow ahead and become frustrated
> (their own fault for not reading) and then I get email about
> unsubscribing.  I did a capture of the page and a bit of obscuring of
> the Options login page (with my addition).
>   <URL:http://it.scu.edu/images/options.png>

I have not encountered too many troubles with that page, maybe my users  
all put their email in before reaching that page. I ought to tackle it  
because it is confusing - if you get there without entering an email  
address, it presents three separate sections without making it obvious  
that the lower two require an email address entered in the top one.

> Hopefully, that little addition will help my users (the ones that don't
> read before acting).  If it helps others who face the same problem,  
> great.

I think I would lift the email box up to the top so that it does not  
appear to 'belong' to any particular section ... ?

> Malcolm, I have also done some separation of tasks which does help.  I
> split the Unsubscribe and Edit options from one section into two
> different sections.  It was another confusing aspect for the users
> trying to unsubscribe.  Now, I tell them and my documentation says to
> look for the Unsubscribe section, put your password in the field
> provided, and click the unsubscribe button.  The next page was the one
> tripping them up.
> Thanks for the input,

And for your input, it's given me food for though on making further  
improvements to my list pages. Most often the problems aren't 'obvious'  
until a user explains why they could not understand the page :-)

Ta, Malcolm.

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