[Mailman-Users] per-list personalization without enabling OWNERS_CAN_ENABLE...

William Yardley mailman at veggiechinese.net
Tue May 3 23:15:33 CEST 2011

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 05:43:15PM -0700, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> William Yardley wrote:

> > Also, is it possible to toggle personalization under the hood (using
> > withlist / config_list to set 'mlist.personalize = 2') /without/
> > enabling OWNERS_CAN_ENABLE_PERSONALIZATION globally? I have a case where
> > I'd like to enable personalization for a couple of lists without
> > allowing any other list owners to enable this feature.

> You can do it with withlist. You can't do it in the 'usual' way with
> config_list because config_list knows that personalize is not a
> property that can be set if OWNERS_CAN_ENABLE_PERSONALIZATION is
> false. You can do it with config_list by setting
> mlist.personalize = 2
> just not by setting
> personalize = 2
> However, if all you want is to enable the header/footer replacements
> and not personalize the To: header of delivered messages, you want to
> set personalize to 1, not 2.

I am pretty sure I can successfully toggle mlist.personalize with
Mailman 2.1.9

$ cat /tmp/configlist.in 
mlist.personalize = 0
$ cat setpersonalization.py
def setpersonalization (mlist):

        print mlist.personalize
        mlist.personalize = 1
        print mlist.personalize
$ config_list --inputfile /tmp/configlist.in testwby
$ ./withlist -l -r setpersonalization testwby
Importing setpersonalization...
Running setpersonalization.setpersonalization()...
Loading list testwby (locked)
Unlocking (but not saving) list: testwby
$ version
Using Mailman version: 2.1.9

However, I don't get any change in the footers of list messages after
this, nor do I see any new options available in the "non-digest options"
page or in the available special strings in msg_footer.

Any thoughts? Again, I don't have any personalization specific options
set in the main config.


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