[Mailman-Users] Best way to clean old messages

alexander at nautae.eti.br alexander at nautae.eti.br
Sun May 22 16:16:37 CEST 2011

>> What would be the best way to completely clean/remove old messages?
> I don't understand your question.

Ok, trying again:

A person have sent a message, for example, "message x" to the mailing  
list "list x".

And I don`t know why (it could be a system error or I don`t know what)  
the same message was sent again 2 months after to the same list.

Explaining better: some time ago I`ve post a message here saying that  
after forcing qrunner to run ignoring the lock file (using the  `-s`  
flag if I remember well) Mailman resent all the messages that was  
already sent.

It was an awful sittuation for me because people received very old  
messages about current subjects.

I`ve learned the lesson and never did that again.

But some weeks ago one message (an old message) was resent. It was  
only one and I`m not sure what the reason.

In fact now I don`t want to know the reason, since the server isn`t  
administrated by me or anybody else in my company, I only want a  
script to completely avoid that kind of sittuation.

I hope it`s easier to understand now...


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