[Mailman-Users] is it possible to hide email addresses...

marci Boskie's Mama =^..^= marci at ppio.com
Tue May 31 00:14:06 CEST 2011

Hey guys,
  New to this list but am a long-time Mailman user.
   I host a mailing list for artists .  We have about 1500 members . 
Most of our members get the digest version  but a few opt for the 
individual mails.
   I am running Mailman 2.1.11 through LFChosting .
   My question is ... is there a way to set the system so that the 
email addresses of  the people writing in dont show up on the digest ?
   I have a few troublemakers who pick fights with other members 
offline and I also have a few who have gleaned email addresses from 
the list, given me a big F.U. and then went off to start their own 
lists with my members.. so I d love to be able find a way to hide the 
email addresses from being displayed. ... so that just the name would 
show ( as in my case, the marci Boskie's Mama" part .. but not the 
email address in the brackets  ...
    ( The problem is  that the members are afraid to rat out the 
troublemakers.. and by the time  I find out who it is, the damage is 
done ....so if there is a way to prevent them from being able to see 
the emails of those who write in , that would be great !)
    Is there any way to do this?
    I LOVE Mailman ! It has been extremely stable and easy to use .

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