[Mailman-Users] Update: Server request addresses not active

Carlos Palomino carlos.palomino at me.com
Mon Nov 7 19:47:21 CET 2011

As an update to this issue:

We've discovered that replying to the verification emails also results in mail rejection.

Any ideas or exact details on what is wrong would be highly appreciated.


Original message:

Hello list,

I'm new to mailman and have recently installed the software on my CenOS server.

All is working quite well, accept for the specified join & leave dedicated addresses for members to subscribe/unsubscribe.

When sending to ios-join at a11y.us, the message is rejected, as a "mailbox doesn't exist" type of error.
Same goes for ios-subscribe at a11y.us.

Any ideas on what I should explain to my I.T rep to review, so these requests can work?

Thank you.

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