[Mailman-Users] inactivating bounce processing to speed up list performance

Lluis Montoliu montoliu at cnb.csic.es
Wed Nov 23 12:24:20 CET 2011

Thanks Ralf, I understand.

Apologies If I did not make myself understandable. I am not sending garbage to non-existing addresses. All addresses are verified and existing but not all messages appear to be delivered equally well, to my surprise, while some servers appear to refuse messages coming from this list for a while, until they are accepted for distribution, thus delaying overall mailman performance while it keeps trying to deliver, therefore I was considering to cancel bounce processing to speed up mailman performance. When I ask my hosting provider for the SMTP logs there appears to be activity by mailman, bounce processing, when there are no messages to distribute through the list, therefore I inferred that we are experiencing delays in distribution, beyond 30-60 minutes, from a message being sent to a message being distributed, because of this bounce processing actions. This is a list with about 600 members.

According to your answer this would not work this way.



* Lluis Montoliu<montoliu at cnb.csic.es>:

> Dear listers,
> I eventually traced that my mailman installation is delaying the
> distribution of messages because it is trapped in a bunch of "bounce
> processing", dealing with undelivered messages, etc... in this
> regard, could I simply inactivate bounce processing?
No. You need to clean out your lists. Why are you sending out garbage to
non-existing addresses at? A properly maintained list has a low
percentage of undeliverables - when (as in your case) the undeliverables
are exceeding the normal fallout of about 3%, then you're having bad

> If I do so I should expect an increase in speed and performance of
> mailman and a decrease in delays, but I might risk that some members,
> whose messages could not be delivered for whatever reasons, might loose
> some of these messages. Is that so?

> Would you recommend setting Mailman to not performing bounce processing
> to improve its performance? thanks Lluis

Sending mail to non-deliverable adresses is going to get you into
blacklists. That's how Hotmail and SenderScore work. Furthermore
you're going to hit spamtraps sooner or later.

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