[Mailman-Users] Merging List Administrator with List membership

Syafril Hermansyah syafril at dutaint.co.id
Thu Oct 13 09:46:34 CEST 2011

On 10/13/2011 01:36 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> This is regularly requested, but I have a hard time understanding why
> it's useful, unless you have really horrible connectivity to the list
> admin pages.  

> IMO YMMV, but really I think you should look at reorganizing the
> existing workflow rather than adding to it.

I commonly just act as list-maintainer for most mailing list that host
on my list server, only a few list that I have job as
list-administrator/list-moderators (technical mailing list).

Most mailing list are for small community (alumni of colleges, alumni of
senior high schools, alumni of junior high schools etc) which I don't
always follow, and the most list owner are lack of IT knowledge even too
old to learn the new technology but they (the list owner) are capable
enough to moderate the list, directing the discussion.
They trust me to run mailing list on my list server instead of at
yahoogroups or googlegroups because they know I will help them just in
case problems.

So I speak for them, who has a little knowledge of IT but willing to run
mailing list.
The need of notification for me it just make sure the real list-owner
already did the job after enough learning curve so I can leave it them
alone someday.

Syafril Hermansyah

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