[Mailman-Users] mailman configuration issue with a functionalpostfix server

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Sep 2 16:01:39 CEST 2011

J. Bakshi writes:

 > > > I have installed mailman here. I have followed the suse README file
 > > > shipped with this mailman package and done the configuration
 > > > accordingly.

Is the SuSE README file *specifically for virtual domains*?  If not,
it is *very* likely that much of what is in there is simply incorrect
for a virtual domain setup.

Have you read the Mailman FAQ?  If not, you should do so.

You mention Dovecot; this is completely irrelevant to Mailman, as mail
for Mailman lists should follow a different configuration from those
for ordinary users using IMAP or POP to access their mail.  If any
mail for Mailman lists is being processed by Dovecot, something is
wrong with your Postfix configuration.

You mention having Unix users for the list addresses.  Get rid of
these.  Unix users must exist on a real machine, not on a virtual
host.  At best they're irrelevant, almost certainly they're confusing
you, and at worst they can be a security risk.  You are getting "user
unknown" messages because Postfix (or possibly Mailman, but that is
less likely) is misconfigured, not because Unix is.

 > > > I have created a list and can sent there subscription
 > > > request.

For some functions, Mailman requires that a site list name "mailman"
be present.  Unless you have patched Mailman, that list is necessary
and must have that name.  Have you created that list?  (AFAIK this
can't be responsible for "User unknown" errors, though.)

 > I have created a list and also
 > copy paste the suggested aliases at /etc/aliases and executed "newalias"
 > command.

This probably will not be enough, as those aliases are for the real host,
and AFAIK should not be visible on the virtual host(s).  You will need
virtual addresses that redirect list traffic to those aliases.

Have you read the virtual(8) manpage for Postfix and the
VIRTUAL_README?  (The latter may typically be found somewhere like
/usr/share/doc/postfix/VIRTUAL_README; try "locate VIRTUAL_README").

Good luck!

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