[Mailman-Users] Installed, now stumped

Michael Cooley michael at newsummer.com
Sat Sep 3 23:58:26 CEST 2011

I'd understand if mailman cannot be run from a user account. Hostmonster
does provide it, but does not allow shell access to the archive. I need
that for back-up purposes and to integrate my old archive with the
new--and just because I'd expect that kind of access.

How do I do this?

* Find a way to run mailman as a machine user?
* Find instructions to give to Hostmonster to allow archive permissions?
* Find another provider?
* Find another list server that will give me direct access?

I've had no success with the latter.

Thanks for any help. I'd love to get my list back up and running!


> With some slight edits to the configure script, I've successfully
> installed mailman on my Hostmonster user account. Not knowing where to go
> from there, I went into the cgi-bin dir and ran 'admin' from my shell
> account. This error showed up in the log:
> admin(19369):   File "/home1/ancestr2/local/mailman/scripts/driver", line
> 106,
> admin(19369):     if not request_method.lower() in ['get', 'post',
> 'head']:
> admin(19369): AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'lower'
> I commented out the offending lines (for the hell of it) and the script
> ran.
> I think I need to be pointed to a doc that tells me how to implement the
> front-end. What public directory do I need and what do I put into it?
> Thanks!
> Michael

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