[Mailman-Users] some suggestions..

Khalil Abbas khillo100 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 14 19:13:47 CEST 2011

Dear mailmam team..

I’ve been a proud mailman user for years and I would like to post some comments that would be useful in the next mailman version:

- the ability to export the list config (config_list) from the web interface, many mailman users have regular webhosting plans with no shell access.. if they want to switch to a different service it will be difficult for them to reconfigure their lists ..

- the ability to put the approved:password in the subject line not as a custom header.. many of us use outlook and it’s pain in the arse to add  a custom header.. I have over 57 lists and I have to approve each and every one of them thru the web interface.. (ps.: if any of the mailman users actually managed to add a custom header to outlook please please do tell me how u did it)..

- the ability to approve messages in shell.. you can currently view the held messages, discard them, but not approve them..

- make bounce processing smarter to know when the message is a real bounce and when it was deferred by the remote MTAs like hotmail and yahoo.. the addresses do exist and they willingly subscribed but they eventually get removed from the lists because of deferrals which later, if not unsubscribed, hotmail and yahoo will accept them sometimes..

- change the mailman’s name to KICKASSmail :)

Thanks for a wonderful application and great service..

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