[Mailman-Users] Send parameters to build a personalized unsubscribe link

Pablo García Ojeda paulweinx at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 27 16:00:08 CEST 2011

First of all, sorry for comparing phplist with Dad Mailman, but I refuse to switch to phplist and i need to know how you can do the same things in Mailman that i describe here. 
For start, I can send an email to a mailman list and it delivers the mail to the members itself, and phplist simply can't, although there's a plugin that says do this work but requires a last click by the user and i need a complete automatic system that generates cronjobs for saying mailman "send this email for me that i'm going to the Caribbean islands". 
For everything else, and asuming that I will not use the Mailman GUI, even i'll only do calls for subscribe and unsubscribe members with curl function from my codeigniter app​​:

 1. How I can customize mailman for the unsubscribe link does not point to the mailman gui but a url of my app where they can automatically unsubscribe?

 2. A phplist can be given custom attributes of each member subscribed, that they can be used within the body of emails for personalize them. This makes me rather badly needed to implement the previous step, because the automatic unsubscribe can not just like "http://url/unsubscribe/id_member, because any robot could eliminate the entire database simply doing for member = 1 to all_members => curl http://url/unsubscribe/member. So I need the url of the unsubscribe link is like http://url/unsubscribe?id = (md5 of the combination of various parameters of that particular subscriber).

 I hope I explained well, and that someone has needed it at any moment of his life. I will not do spam, all my suscribers want and need to receive the information i send, but all the links "If you don't want to receive it anymore" i know, are like http://domain.com/unsubscribe?guid=cafca76ca876cf87cfa8fac68a75cfa875 (for example).


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