[Mailman-Users] Question on how to create new administrator ids for our mailman site

Roberto Luco Roberto.Luco at activfinancial.com
Thu Sep 29 20:19:30 CEST 2011

Initially posted to incorrect address. Mark was gracious enough to respond to the initial post, which I include here.


Mailman seems to have only one administrator user, and anybody the needs to do administrative work on the site (member admin, configuration, approval and forwarding of member email, etc) needs to sign in as "admin." We would like to create different admin users, so that you could sign in as somebody other "admin," but be able to perform admin functions. The admin login page only allows to enter a password, so no matter who logs in, to mailman you are just "admin," even though there might be several people who are allowed to perform admin operations. Having different admin ids would hopefully make it easier to track the activities of the admins.

I have been looking for a way to create admin ids in the documentation, and have not been able to find it. Does this mean that it is not possible to have an admin id that is not in mailman? Is mailman designed to have a single entry point for an admin? Any help would be appreciated on this.

Mark Sapiro responded:

This capability will exist in Mailman 3 but not before.


Roberto Luco


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