[Mailman-Users] multiple footers accumulating on messages asdiscussion progresses - how to eliminate all but the last mailman footer?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Apr 20 08:38:55 CEST 2012

David <dave at fiteyes.com> wrote:
>The main issue is that we include a personalized "instant unsubscribe" link
>in the footer, no password required. Our users seem to really want/need
>this. Many times they cannot unsubscribe themselves with any other method
>we have tried. However, we did not initially consider that any one person
>can easily unsubscribe another person in the thread because of the
>accumulated footers.

This is the danger of including an 'instant, no confirmation required'
unsubscribe link in list messages.

My experience based on running Topica.com lists for some time is that
you can mung or remove the instant unsub URL in messages that pass
back through the list (Topica does this), but this is only a partial
solution. Your users will still forward list posts to others 'off
list' and the others will click the link thinking they are
unsubscribing themselves or just out of curiousity or maliciously to
'teach a lesson'.

You've probably thought about this and feel that even the simple
confirmation email from an unsub without password is too high a hurdle
for some of your users, but I'm surprised that other users are not
complaining about your mailing passwords in the clear with every list

Stephen has just replied with most of what I was going to add to this,
so I'll let you digest that, and if you need more specific coding or
regexp help, let us know.

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